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Deal 2 : Pro Wax 100 Warmers Electric Heater + Konsung Wax Beans + Spatula

Deal 2 : Pro Wax 100 Warmers Electric Heater + Konsung Wax Beans + Spatula

This latest high-performance therapy is one of its kind. It is suitable for all types of waxes and features a 360° heating coil for a quick meltdown of wax. Along with this Spatula, Kosung wax which is great for all skin types and also gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to unwanted hair, and wax paper is also included in this bundle deal.

Product Features:

  • Fast meltdown wax
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Premium Quality

Suitable for:

  • Home use
  • Beauty professional use

Items included in the box:

  • Pro Wax 100 Warmers Electric Heater
  • Konsung Wax Hot Beans (100gms)
  • Spatula (1pc)

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