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Glamoruos Face Senior Bath Turban

Glamoruos Face Senior Bath Turban. Soft and comfortable turban band fabric is easy to wear without skin harm, sticky patch at the edges of this band will tightly lock your hair, to keep your hair in perfect protection while you are using your cosmetic makeup, applying mask, washing face, facial massage. 


  • Perfect for soaking up excess moisture from washed hair and save time on damaging blow-dries
  • Use in shower, bath, spa, steam-room, hair salon, gym - any place where you would need to neatly keep your hair tucked in place
  • Made from super soft microfiber material that is lightweight and will not pull on hair as heavy towels do, comes with two buttons for extra hold
  • Helps to reduce frizziness and hair damage, maintaining glossier, healthier hair
  • This white and pink polka dot design is cute and feminine and can be used by women, teens, tweens, and girls