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Farsali Serum For Face Skintune - Unicorn Essence - Rose Gold Elixir - Volcanic Elixir 10ml*4 Pack of 4

Farsali face serums are the best skin care product, a woman can use. It?s the best makeup oil, moisturizes your skin, lips and uplifts the beauty. The unicorn essence serum is an innovative oil free solution that acts as a dual purpose serum. It protects your skin from radical damage while preparing it for makeup application. The gold flaxen in the gold elixir & 24K gold serums give the gold effect & a beautiful glow to your skin. Where as, the green milky serum is the serum for softness & smoothness of your skin. These serums consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E that promotes the restoration of your skin health as well as helps to minimize the signs of anti aging.