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Meezab Arts Whitening Vitamin C Bleach Cream for All Skin Types

Meezab Arts Whitening Vitamin C Bleach Cream for All Skin Types. Bleach is used to lighten the dark skin and give overall lighter complexion. This product is manufacture with natural and healthy ingredients which helps for skin soothing and nourishment. After bleaching, Skin will be shiny, glowing, silky, smooth and soft without any harm. This bleach is suitable for all type of skin and will prevent from unwanted inching, burning or any irritation. Bleach consists of vitamin C which boosts up collagens production to diminish wrinkles, dark spots or fine lines, give fruitful and glowing skin appearance. Vitamin C will also protect your skin from sun burn and environmental free radicals. Acceptable for intimate areas, our bleach components are fast acting and best for unwanted skin irregularities or impurities. Fruity fragrance of bleach gives you more pleasurable and freshness feeling, enhance your skin health. One of the benefits is delivering hydration to skin, it is most important to keeps your skin young, healthy and delightful.