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Multi function folding washing machine

1. Versatile and Efficient: The portable washing machine is a true one-stop solution for your laundry needs. With its unique washing and drying function, you can conveniently wash and dry your clothes, socks, underwear and more in one machine.
2. Gentle but powerful: This foldable washing machine features a gentle 360° washing action that effectively cleans your clothes without causing damage. The simulated hand washing motion ensures thorough cleaning, keeping your clothes safe. Removes tough stains and dirt, leaving your clothes fresh and spotless.
3.Smart and customizable: The folding washer offers three smart modes to meet your different laundry needs. You can select the appropriate time and intensity based on the degree of cleaning needed for your clothes. This flexibility allows you to customize your washing experience and always get the best results.
4. Compact and space-saving: With its foldable design, this mini washer is incredibly space-efficient. When not in use, just press a button and it easily folds away for compact storage in your living room, porch or utility room. Its small size makes it convenient to carry and store, ensuring accessibility whenever you need to do your laundry.
5. Powerful performance and large capacity: Equipped with a robust 10W motor, this mini washing machine provides impressive washing power, effectively removing dirt and grime from your clothes. The 9L large capacity design allows you to wash your daily essentials, ensuring you always have clean, fresh clothes on hand.