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Shimeiyi Cleansing Flutter Scrub Puff 2 in 1

Shimeiyi Cleansing Flutter Scrub Puff (2 in 1)

These sponges are available in different colors and oval shape, easily clean whole face in single stroke. Beauty sponges are chemically free and safer to use multiple times, can wash easily or sterilize with hot water.

About this items:

  • Cleansing flutter is made of natural algae ,which can absorb a lot of cleansing foam, clean dirt and grease effectively.
  • Seaweed cleansing flutter can clean face deeply, shrink pores, remove blackheads, massage the skin . At the same time ,It can help to remove horny and promote face blood circulation under the proper friction.
  • The surface is full of small pores. Seaweed bubble has strong adsorption force, good air permeability and good water absorption, which can easily absorb and rub out lots of cleansing foam.
  • You will feel comfortable when you touch it, not slippery, not coarse. And it is easy to dry and be stored. Besides, it will not be deformed under random extrusion.